Amo Soy: In this period of time, people need art

“I was thinking about how artists can survive at this moment. When I went to the Saturday market on the street, in Greece, and I saw the flower seller, they sell flowers very easily, even in the period of coronavirus, and the flower is not edible, it cannot soothe your sense of hunger, but people still want to buy it. So, this means that artwork is the same thing. Why do people want to buy art? They would simply like to have joy, or something likely to heal them emotionally.

In this period of time, people need art, and art has a market, and especially during this period, there will be more artists to focus on their feelings.”

Amo Soy, excerpt from interview

Amo Soy

Chinese artist Amo Soy studied Performance Art in Barcelona, while further exploring her painting and video art in Greece for a period of two years.
Recently, she returned to China for further studies.