Andreas Vousouras: Beuys, Kiefer, silent conversations with their work

“Dead Sea Gospel” 1 was the ideal opportunity for me to reopen a past dialogue on the psychoanalytics of father-son relationship. (Elements of this work) have been used by Beuys and Anselm Keifer, that is, by artists whose work I often have silent conversations with.

To participate in this exhibition2 was motivation to deal with the mass outbreak of claustrophobia, panic and fake news that we have endured during these recent years. We must set new spirit and stand actively and not passively (against the consequences of Covid) and move on to a new era.”

Andreas Vousouras, extract from interview

1. Installation by A. Vousouras for the exhibition “In the Name” (see 2)
2. “In the Name” exhibition, Athens Intersection, 9 – 18.10.2020

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Andreas Vousouras

The work of Andreas Voussouras seeks the subconscious for ethical and emotional experiences.
The artist's installations are compositions of 'readymade memorials', superheroes, objects, memories, with a raw and direct appeal to the viewer.