Karin Maria Pfeiffer: Künstlerinnen und Karriere, die subjektive Erfahrung

“I started working with the tangible space and what’s behind it, the dimensions that eradicate and break it down, the illusion that leads to another dimension. This emotional, sarcastic approach is more about the issue of feminism that I’ve dealt with in the past. In the history and course of women artists, although objectively there seems to be gender equality, the subjective experience reveals the limits of a glass ceiling.”

Karin Maria Pfeiffer, extract from interview

Karin Maria Pfeiffer

Karin Maria Pfeiffer, based in and around Vienna, has drawn from study visits to Paris, India, Israel/Palestine. Working mostly in painting, video and installations she likes to question seriousness and self-referentiality in art and other realms with a whimsical approach that puts the seemingly marginal into focus.