Francis Ruyter: Art, the larger picture of human existence

“I’d like to say something about ‘the art of our time’ or ‘the art of our moment’. It isn’t the idea of making objects that can function not just now and speak to our time – this moment or this day or this year – but to our time, meaning this decade, or this century, in a much larger picture of human existence.”

– Francis Ruyter, excerpt from interview

Francis Ruyter

Francis Ruyter (b 1968) is an American painter, and gallerist. He was born in Washington, DC. Ruyter often paints using photographs as source material, in a style that has been compared to Pop art. In 2002 he produced a billboard work, as part of MoMA Projects 77. His work is included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, SFMOMA, and the Denver Art Museum. [source:]