Karin Maria Pfeiffer: Female artists in career, the subjective experience

“When I started working with space, I first focused on the physical aspect, then moved on to what’s behind it and the dimensions that expand beyond it. I manipulated space to make it look like it would lead on into another… an optical illusion. This emotional, sarcastic approach that I love is more about the issue of feminism that I also like to deal with… In the history and course of women artists, although objectively there seems to be gender equality, the subjective experience reveals the limits of a glass ceiling.”

Karin Maria Pfeiffer, excerpt from interview

Karin Maria Pfeiffer

Karin Maria Pfeiffer, based in and around Vienna, has drawn from study visits to Paris, India, Israel/Palestine. Working mostly in painting, video and installations she likes to question seriousness and self-referentiality in art and other realms with a whimsical approach that puts the seemingly marginal into focus.